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Candle and Berries

Candle Safety

Each Candle we make at is Batch tested more than once.

At Krystal wood we always do burn tests and we video tap them and add them to our blog here

Which Explain Helpful Information and Safety Tips in the video to look after our candles properly.

We Added a list of safety rules below.

Any Candles with more than 10% fragrance can be quiet flammable. Especially Citrus Oils like Orange, Lemon, grapefruit etc. If you add to much this also can change the dynamics of the candle batch and can be the most flammable type of fragrances. Always stick to the 10% fragrance rule only especially if making your own.

Wicks Also need to be tested for each and every candle we make.

We do check all glassware/containers thoroughly to ensure there is no damage or hairline fractures.

Before we post out items. We also use Strong Boxes and Packaging to ensure safe postage.

We suggest

Never leave candles unattended

Keep away from flammable items

Keep away from children and pets

Do Not use water to distinguish candles.

Never Burn a candle near draughty.

Only burn candles on "Non-Flammable & Heat Resistant Surfaces".

Never touch or move glass Candles untilcooled down,

as the liquid and glass can get very hot!!

Wait at least 30 minutes until cooled down.

Do not burn any more than 3 hours at a time to prevent any glass breakages.

Do not place the lids on candles while lit.

Please extinguish the flame first.

Always keep the wicks at 5mm and remove any excess wick before burning the candle again.

Do not burn candles if wax is less than 12mm.

Store candles in cool, dark, dry environments


We "Never" Add things like flowers as this increases the risk of them catching on fire!


As a manufacturer of candles you need to have an ethical and moral responsibility to your consumers to ensure all of your products are "Tested and the Safest" they can be.

Our passion is making elegant candles!


Use the Right Candle jars. Make Sure they are Thicker Glass and that they have been tested. Use Metal Candle holders but Never use plastic containers

Watch this Video on You Tube!..


Continue to our BLOG and check out some quick candle burns. We test all the candles and if they don't make the cut they don't get added to the web site!


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