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Large Pyrite Skull


Weight - 1.097 kg

Height - 7.8cm

Length - 10cm

Width - 7.5cm


What is the benefits of Pyrite ?

Spiritually, this stone assists you in fully healing by accepting yourself as you are. The Pyrite stone guarantees a continual flow of good energy for this aim. Then, through boosting energy and awareness, it aids your spiritual evolution. Pyrite's purpose is to keep you strong, stable, and free of the chains of domination. It appears to have an intuitive quality that helps to keep you safe — spiritually and emotionally.


In Feng Shui, pyrite crystals give out Earth and Fire energies. For Earth energy, place a pyrite mirror, figure, or bowl of tumble stones at the northeast and southwest corners of your home. This sort of energy is associated with love, relationships, education, and abilities. It will offer a sense of security and safety when put in resting locations. Pyrite can be placed in the south of a home to offer Fire energy. Yang energy, warmth, excitement, and a sense of well-being will be attracted to it. 


Each item i make is handmade in Australia.

They are limited in stock until sold out.

* This pyrite came from America as it is impossible to sorce every crystal from Australia.

Large Pyrite Skull

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