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We are committed to offering you the real deal here!

 Our EMF / RF / RADIATION PRODUCTS are Tested and Hand Made. We found
most orgone products on the market are too small to actually work or do not have any
EMF / RF or Radiation blocking benefits at all.

Yes, they are pretty to look at and most have real crystals in them and some I have seen don't.  Some will give off a some small amount of energies but to be beneficial orgone it needs to be balanced with Conductors and Enhancers in them to get the beneficial energies. Otherwise it's just a nice display piece.

I am about to Invest in many items to experiment with the items I make. I will record and show the results on this page once completed. I will test different orgone's
on the net and on my orgone's as well.
We will use a 3 in 1 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector Electric Field +
Magnetic Field + Radio Frequencies Detector which is on it's way and should arrive
in March 2024
A Life energy meter which measure energies like crystals and the human body etc.
I will also use natural Manifestation Energy / Moonlight / Sunlight on some and not others.
I will use a pendulum to test the energies of the Orgone's.
A large Copper Pyramid to charge some and not others.
I will also try experiments with the Orgones and food.
If i think of other experiments I will display it here as I go along.
The Orgone's and Art work on this site are made by me!
       As I make each video I will show the results so you can make up your own mind.
I think that's the fairest deal I can offer.
Happy Shopping -

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