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Updated: Aug 27, 2022

A lot of people have trouble with wooden wicks for example some sites

have stopped selling wooden wicks because customers try to make their

own candles and they never seem to work.

I tried to buy wooden wicks yesterday at Aussie Candle Supplies and got this notice instead.

Stating they are no longer selling wooden wicks.

Well that's fine I just ordered them elsewhere but what a shame people do not have the patience for these candles.

So, I am setting up a whole wooden wick candles section and I am not charging the earth for them like most.

Some shops sell wooden wick candles for $50/$60 each. I make them for the fun of it and sell them at half that price with the same quality.

I live in a small rural town in South Australia and your supporting my small business when you buy from me.

My wooden wicked candles have video's on how to burn them on Instagram. Step by step and I am doing a trial how long they actually burn. So customers can understand how they burn, how long to have the wick, and how long they last for. I have nothing to hide and these candles actually burn wonderfully.

Wooden Wick Cloche Candle = 46 Hour Burn Time

Each video is only about a minute or minute and half... Shows the burn times and care for them. Part 1 - 3 Hours Burn Time Part 2 - Beginning New day of Burning Candle Part 3 - Update - 11 hours Burn Time Part 4 - Update 16 Hours Burn Time Part 5 - Restarting the timer, How the candle

now looks after 16hours of burning. Part 6 - 30 Hours Burn Time How does it look? Part 7 - 46 Hours Burn All Up!

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