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This item is UNIQUE and HAND MADE by me.


The Pot is cm 12cmTall and 15cm Wide.


Made from AMETHYST QUARTZ Crystals and cement.

( We do not use plaster in the cement as it weakens the pots if used in or outside )

We have made these pots to last!


Yes they are heavier in weight but the product will last x10 longer then being mixed with plaster.


These make a gorgeous gift for people who love crystals and gardening. The plants also love the extra energies as well.


Not Sold in Shops as I hand make them.


Add your Amethyst Quartz Pot in the Healing or Meditation Rooms or where you feel comfortable the most. By also adding a live plant it will also Enhance your third eye and the plant while having a beautiful pot holder to display it in.

I used to see if I could see the aura of plants. The best plants to use for this is plants that open and close. Opening flowers in the morning and closing flowers at night.

One of those plants are the African Daisies.


Amethyst Pot Plant Holder

SKU: 00012
Purple: Amethyst

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