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This item is UNIQUE and HAND MADE by me.


The Pot is 12cm Tall and 15cm Round in Diameter.


Made from BLACK TOURMALINE Crystals and cement.

( We do not use plaster in the cement as it weakens the pots if used in or outside )

We have made these pots to last!


Yes they are heavier in weight but the product will last x10 longer then being mixed with plaster.


These make a gorgeous gift for people who love crystals and gardening. The plants also love the extra energies as well.


Not Sold in Shops as I hand make them.


Add your Black Tourmaline Pot next to the front door preferably to reflect all negetive energies from entering the home. This is a good way to offer spiritual protection for the front of your home and no-ne would even know the purpose of it. Just looks like a pot plant holder. 




Black Tourmaline Pot Plant Holder

SKU: 00010
Color: Black

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