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Lepidolite Aromatherpy Burner / Wax Burner


Beauitful new aromatherpay burner made with real Lepidolite Crystals.

Weight - 0.670 grams

Height - 16.5cm

Width - 10.5cm


What is the benefits of Lepidolite ?

Lepidolite is used for harmonizing the body, mind, and soul. This gentle flowing gemstone is all about bringing balance and stability. Lepidolite can be used for easing stress and anxiety. It can also be used for growing inner wisdom, trust, and divine connection with higher realms.

Place a Lepidolite crystal on your nightstand or even under your bed to quiet your mind for a sound sleep. You can also meditate with the crystal on your forehead to invite a good night's sleep. You can program your Lepidolite stone for love and place it at the dinner table.


In Feng Shui Lepidolite is used in the Center area for harmony and balance, in the North area for personal journeys and in the Northeast area for self worth, cultivation, knowledge and wisdom.


Each item I make is handmade in Australia.

They are limited in stock until sold out.

* These Lepidolite Crystals are from America.

* We support and buy crystals from other Australian Businesses unless stated in the listings

Lepidolite Aromatherpy / Wax Burner

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