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Peridot Aromatherpy Burner / Wax Burner


Beauitful new aromatherpay burner made with real Peridot Gemstones.

Weight - 0.818 grams

Height - 16.5cm

Width - 10.5cm


What is the benefits of Peridot?

Peridot is associated with strength and balance, it is believed to bring peace, health and rest by harmonizing the mind and body. It is also thought to boost creativity and improve your mood.


Some believe the word Peridot is derived from the Arabic faridat, meaning “gem,” or from the Greek word, peridona, which means “give in abundance.” Given its resemblance to the color of money, peridot has often been associated with prosperity and good fortune.


In Feng Shui place a Peridot crystal in the southeast corner of your house or workplace to attract wealth. You can also use other wealth, attracting stones with it to enhance the process. Place a Peridot crystal in the center of your house or your child's room, as the center of the house is traditionally associated with health.


Each item I make is handmade in Australia.

They are limited in stock until sold out.

* These Peridot Gemstones are from Australia.

* We support and buy crystals from other Australian Businesses unless stated in the listings

Peridot Aromatherpy / Wax Burner

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