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Tigers Eye Owl - Large 💙💜💚


Made from Tiger eye, Golden Quartz and Obsidian


Weighs 1000grams

Height 17cm

Width 10cm


What are the benefits of Tigers Eye?

Tigers Eye is good for growing your confidence and strength and it is known as the stone of courage. It is a root and sacral chakra stone which means it helps you to get grounded, build a safe and strong foundation, and find your motivation once more. It's also good at warding off negative energy.


What are the benefits of Golden Quartz?

Gold quartz or golden quartz is a powerful cleansing stone. Known to assist in the releasing of old behaviors, addictions, conditioning, blockages, and destructive patterns. It is said to activate healing on every level, raising one's frequency to release and blockages and/or unwanted energies.


What are the benefits of Obsidian?

Black Obsidian is a glorious stone for power, protection, and grounding. It is a root chakra stone which means that it keeps you tethered to the here and now and feeling a sense of strength and inner confidence. It also keeps negative energies at bay and gives you the courage to face your inner truths.


Tigers Eye Owl - Large

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